VSKC Expedition Viewer - Sandy Robson - Stage 4 & 5
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Team Leader: Sandy Robson
Location: Germany to Australia Stage 4 & 5
Start Date: 05 November 2014
Grade: 0
Map Centre : -3, 142
Zoom Level: 7
Inset Map: Set
Connector Lines: No
Expedition Description
Sandy Robson (WA) paddles West Bengal, Bangladesh and beyond. Follow her progress all the way to the finish line in Australia. This is stage 4 and 5 of the journey.
Expedition Members
No Members, Just Sandy
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Expedition Stats...
Total Distance: 10201 km
Paddling Legs: 322
Average/Day: 31.68 km/day
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Leg Details
May 27, 2016 Spotted, (-03.128880 , +142.469420) 0km
  -27-05-2016:- Spotted
May 26, 2016 Spotted, (-03.125320 , +142.398990) 0km
  -26-05-2016:- Spotted
May 25, 2016 Spotted, (-02.969990 , +141.922350) 0km
  -25-05-2016:- Spotted
May 24, 2016 Spotted, (-02.835540 , +141.635640) 0km
  -24-05-2016:- Spotted
May 23, 2016 Ningera, (-02.741320 , +141.441850) 25km
  -23-05-2016:- Ningera
There was a great send off from Vanimo village, they even sung a song for me. Then a tough paddle against the current. The place I landed is at the mouth of a river and up a steep eroded bank. Abraham is my host. We shared rice and veg for dinner and I contributed some dehydrated roo bolognaise. Mmmm good. They showed me the school here too, donated by Australia. It is nice. Hoping to get to Lietre tomorrow.
May 22, 2016 Vanimo village, (-02.661210 , +141.277210) 0km
  -22-05-2016:- Vanimo village
Settling into PNG, media interviews, shopping and planning the next 2 weeks to Wewak.
May 19, 2016 Vanimo village, (-02.661210 , +141.277210) 50km
  -19-05-2016:- Vanimo village
I departed at 5am, passing by sleeping Indonesian fishermen on the rocky cliff ledges. It was slow going against currents and winds. I crossed the border into PNG. I was met in the afternoon by a boatload of Vanimo locals come to check on me. I landed in Vanimo port on dusk for passport stamping at the beach. Then it was a short crossing back to Steve's place at Vanimo village to stay. A long day ending in paradise. A thatched home on the waterfront and fish for dinner. welcomed to PNG.
May 18, 2016 Sungai Tami, (-02.621960 , +140.922200) 26km
  -18-05-2016:- Sungai Tami
I am still on the Indonesian side. 8km to the border and 45km to Vanimo port. It was slow in the wind today. Shall begin earlier tomorrow.
May 15, 2016 Jayapura, (-02.535720 , +140.712550) 0km
  -15-05-2016:- Jayapura
There is a lot to do to cross a border by kayak. I got my visa for PNG and then I had to go to the Indonesian immigration office to arrange being stamped out so I can clear out of the port with my kayak via immigration and customs. My sponsor Pak Budi found me a local contact in the district navigation office to accompany me to immigration. I found out Monday is a public holiday, so I will have to be stamped out on Tuesday and will depart Jayapura early on Wednesday for the two day paddle to Vanimo. Meanwhile I am doing a lot of planning for getting cleared in to PNG at Vanimo and preparing route plans for the next section. Australian paddler Mr Dave Winkworth will hopefully be joining me in Wewak or Madang, depending on how long it takes to process his visa. The immigration department in PNG have been very kind in consenting to renewing my visa in country so that I will be able to complete the expedition around their coast over the next 4-5 months. I really have appreciated everyone's help to make this happen.
May 11, 2016 Jayapura, (-02.535720 , +140.712550) 0km
  -11-05-2016:- Jayapura
My SKOCI (sea kayak owners club of Indonesia) buddies found me a local host in Jayapura and Ms Hana came to meet me at the hotel in the morning. She helped relocate me to a room in the office of some medical researchers and doctors up near the hospital. It was very kind of them to host me and even offer me a laptop for my planning. In the afternoon I got my application in to the PNG Consulate for my visa to enter PNG. Big thanks to Dr Bachti of SKOCI for the hosts.
May 10, 2016 Jayapura, (-02.535720 , +140.712550) 35km
  -10-05-2016:- Jayapura
I was up early for the paddle around to Jayapura. The local men expertly helped me launch through the big waves that were crashing in on the shore. They waited until one big set passed and then gave me a good push out to sea. It was slow going past each prominent headland as current ripped through in the opposite direction. I found that by using a ferryglide in these places I could angle with the current out to sea a bit and then once past, cut back in close to shore to get back into the reciprocal current to speed me up to the next headland. Later in the day I even managed to get my sail up. I had such a good feeling when I finally rounded the last point into Jayapura's natural harbour. The city was much larger than I expected. It is the capital of the Papua Province. I found a place to pull my kayak up out of dirty harbour water into the city centre near where the ferries dock. Then I shoved the kayak on the trolley and found a kind local guy to show me the way to a hotel. The first hotel was full, the next had no carpark to put the kayak, and now I was getting pretty tired and it was dark, so even though the third hotel was way too expensive, it had an underground secure carpark for the kayak, so I stayed there and thought I would source a local host in the coming days. It was a pretty fancy hotel and I thought they might kick me out in my disheveled sandy vs. wild look. Instead I got a welcome drink at the Astor and geez that hot shower was good.
May 9, 2016 Wari_, (-02.450840 , +140.544460) 29km
  -09-05-2016:- Wari
I was a bit nervous about how the landing would be at Wari Village. I had seen on google earth that the headland provided some shelter from the shore dump and the canoes beached there were an encouraging sign. Actually it worked out perfectly as fishermen signalled me in to the best spot to land and grabbed the bow and pulled my up to prevent the next big wave sloshing into my cockpit. Then I put the kayak on the trolley and went with them to find the Kapala Desa. Actually he was away so the Village second in charge came to my aid, checking my documents and providing a large room that I could camp in with my kayak. The Kapala Desa's wife helped by cooking up my noodles for dinner and I bought a few snacks at the kiosk for the next day's paddle to Jayapura. The people in the village were very welcoming and friendly. I was given a big jug of water and a thermos of hot water for making tea and coffee. It felt a bit strange having no phone signal on this part of the coast after a long stretch with access to telkomsel towers. I don't understand how the phone companies decide where to put their towers, surely they would make enough money by providing these people with a communication system.
May 8, 2016 Pantai Picnic, (-02.415020 , +140.363130) 21km
  -08-05-2016:- Pantai Picnic
The cliffs, sea caves and coral reefs of this bay are stunning. I was headed to Pantai Harlen, but when I got there masses of people were walking on the reef, breaking coral to take home, etc. I paddled on and the next bay was perfect. Nice coral, a couple of Indonesian ladies and a picnic shelter to camp in. Even a mandi. I had the place all to myself for the night. Perfect!
May 7, 2016 Pantai Sinokisi, (-02.404220 , +140.245510) 26km
  -07-05-2016:- Pantai Sinokisi
Today I had a relaxing day. I stopped at Draksi beach for lunch and a snorkel. In the afternoon a school of fish leapt out of the sea and I caught one for my dinner. Haha. Got a new hat and tshirt from the Tarfia mob too, styling it through Papua!
May 6, 2016 Tarfia village, (-02.320210 , +140.115340) 0km
  -06-05-2016:- Tarfia village
May 5, 2016 Tarfia village, (-02.320210 , +140.115340) 66km
  -05-05-2016:- Tarfia village
Overnight in the kayak from Pulau Kaitjebo to Tarfia village. It was very slow going with current, wind and swell, 26hrs. Recuperating in the village and hosted by the kapala desa (village head man).
May 4, 2016 Pulau Kaitjebo, (-02.237300 , +139.571817) 30km
  -04-05-2016:- Pulau Kaitjebo
Today was two steps forward one step back. I am on Pulau Kaitjebo. I paddled to my intended landing but the surf was too crazy and a massive storm was brewing. So retreated here. In my tent in the rain now. Hoping can do 70km tomorrow.
May 3, 2016 Pulau Anus, (-02.138170 , +139.511960) 36km
  -03-05-2016:- Pulau Anus
I hopped from Pulau Yamma to skirt shores of Pulau Podena and across to Pulau Yarsun, where I stoped to eat lunch. All these islands have nice sandy beaches and people living on them derive a good income from fishing around the coral reefs. After lunch was a short crossing to Pulau Anus (Anoos). It has a rocky shore and houses are set higher up, but there is a sandy point where boats go in and out from. I set up tent up there. Locals raked me a spot clear of leaves. There is good ph coverage here so they knew I was from Australia before I landed.
May 2, 2016 Pulau Yamna, (-02.012470 , +139.246280) 29km
  -02-05-2016:- Pulau Yamna
The people on Pulau Yamna are cool. My stove was playing up so I started to light a fire and then someone produced a kerosene stove from their house for me to use. Then as I cooked a table and a chair appeared magically and while I was eating a cable was brought in and a light hung from the tree I am camping under. Wow!! After that a man presented me with a shell necklace. Today I had the wind with me and I had lunch under a shady tree in the waterfront of Pulau Masi Masi. Overall a pretty sweet Indonesian day. More island hopping scheduled for tomorrow.
May 1, 2016 Pulau Insumanai, (-01.946733 , +139.010050) 32km
  -01-05-2016:- Pulau Insumanai
The current and wind were against me all day and I arrived in the dark to a nice sandy point. The day was frustratingly slow after the good run I had prior to reaching Sarmi. It took me 10 hours to go just over 30km. I am hoping for more favourable winds in the coming days so I can get the sail up.
April 30, 2016 Sarmi, (-01.855183 , +138.750233) 0km
  -30-04-2016:- Sarmi
Rest day. Buying supplies for the coming 2 weeks to Jayapura. OMG Sarmi supermarket has baked beans! Joy!
April 29, 2016 Sarmi, (-01.855183 , +138.750233) 32km
  -29-04-2016:- Sarmi
Rats! in the morning I found that rats had chomped through 3 of my dry bags. I was not impressed! It was a slow paddle against current to reach Sarmi, a perfect landing village on a protected headland. On approach to the harbour I saw people running along the village shores. I counted around 70. They were chasing me down. I had caught their eye as I sailed in. Upon landing a squashing crowd of over 200 people gathered and surrounded me. Some men helped keep them at bay a little. They wouldn't stop taking photos with their mobile phones. They followed me to the hotel and it was very hard to get them to leave. I was feeling frazzled.
April 28, 2016 Pulau Liki, (-01.623650 , +138.741867) 64km
  -28-04-2016:- Pulau Liki
Rather than try negotiating the next River entries to mangrove villages I made a long crossing out to Pulau Liki and landed on the island just before sunset. I was escorted into shore by a flotilla of interested local boats and soon met the Kapala Desa and was given a house to stay in overnight. I was served 2 cups of tea and 4 slices of white bread, so I made do with sandwiches for dinner and went to bed early.
April 27, 2016 Subu Village, (-01.633930 , +138.173480) 28km
  -27-04-2016:- Subu Village
There was a warm send off from Mantabori and then I had a slowish paddle to Subu in the Apawar River. Finding the way in was tricky. I paddled around a big shoal and then cut back in and surfed in on a big wave onto a sandbar. Locals came running to help me pull the kayak over the sand bar and then I got back into the main River channel and paddled up to the village landing where the Kapala Desa (village head) welcomed me to overnight in his home. This is the wildest place I have stayed. People hunt with bows and spears and everyone looked very strong from surviving the lifestyle here.
April 26, 2016 Mantabori Village, (-01.536410 , +137.974670) 0km
  -26-04-2016:- Mantabori Village
Rest day. I took a rest day and did my laundry. It was cool to see how life ticks in a small remote village like this. There are no roads here, just people travelling in small dugout canoes and dinghy between villages. Locals hunt in the mangroves for fish and crocodiles. There are also many gardens for growing vegetables but most people eat very little and just chew Pinang fruits, spitting out the red juice everywhere. Red mouthed grins are everywhere.
April 25, 2016 Mantabori Village, (-01.536410 , +137.974670) 52km
  -25-04-2016:- Mantabori Village
I had favourable currents and winds today for the big push past the mouth of the Mamberamo River and around to this small mangrove village with around 50 residents. I was hosted at the Pastor's home.
April 24, 2016 Werembori River, (-01.528990 , +137.645290) 56km
  -24-04-2016:- Werembori River
Finding landing sites on this stretch of mangroves is tricky. You need to enter the river mouths and the place I intended to camp had a crazy surf entry as it was low tide when I got there and a sand bar blocks the mouth. By the time I reached Werembori the waters had risen a little and I could surf in over the sand bar. There was a local fishermen campsite on the riverside nearthe mouth so I camped there. It was just a fire spot and some cut casuarina branches to put the tent up on.
April 23, 2016 Ronai River, (-01.753070 , +137.246510) 51km
  -23-04-2016:- Ronai River
I left from Pulau Yapen and had a fast run with the current across the channel past a small island to reach the start of a huge stretch of mangroves. The current really rips through the channel as the water pushes out of Cenderawasih bay. I camped in Casuarina forest on the edge of the river.
April 22, 2016 Pulau Yapen SE, (-01.825710 , +136.844670) 36km
  -22-04-2016:- Pulau Yapen SE
I had good winds to push me across Pulau Yapen shores. I camped at a family home in my tent. Four people live in a small wooden hut in a coconut grove.
April 21, 2016 Tajung Ararmi, (-01.890790 , +136.546910) 42km
  -21-04-2016:- Tajung Ararmi
The kayak was heavily laden when I pulled out of Serui. I had half a day of sunshine and half rain as well as some shallow reef to dodge. I arrived a half hour after sunset and had just a sliver of sand campsite above the high tide line.