VSKC Expedition Viewer - Sandy Robson - Stage 4 & 5
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Team Leader: Sandy Robson
Location: Germany to Australia Stage 4 & 5
Start Date: 05 November 2014
Grade: 0
Map Centre : -10, 147
Zoom Level: 7
Inset Map: Set
Connector Lines: No
Expedition Description
Sandy Robson (WA) paddles West Bengal, Bangladesh and beyond. Follow her progress all the way to the finish line in Australia. This is stage 4 and 5 of the journey.
Expedition Members
No Members, Just Sandy
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Expedition Stats...
Total Distance: 12285 km
Paddling Legs: 388
Average/Day: 31.66 km/day
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Paddling Distances Over The Last 14 Legs...
Leg Details
September 23, 2016 Madadana, (-09.825530 , +147.517850) 41km
  -23-09-2016:- Madadana
September 22, 2016 Hula_, (-10.100890 , +147.724180) 16km
  -22-09-2016:- Hula
September 21, 2016 Keapara Alukuni, (-10.101500 , +147.859040) 40km
  -21-09-2016:- Keapara Alukuni
September 20, 2016 Gavuone, (-10.091960 , +148.173810) 25km
  -20-09-2016:- Gavuone
September 19, 2016 Lalaura, (-10.185420 , +148.356170) 65km
  -19-09-2016:- Lalaura
September 18, 2016 Grange Islet, (-10.315480 , +148.886260) 49km
  -18-09-2016:- Grange Islet
Decided to skip Magaubo village and push on to this lovely island, unfortunately the anchorage was no good for the support dinghy, so one crew had to retreat with it to Magaubo and will return in the morning. Big paddle tomorrow to Lalaura. This stretch is a sea piracy zone. Hoping all goes smoothly. Sandy.
September 17, 2016 Loupom Island, (-10.324600 , +149.320510) 0km
  -17-09-2016:- Loupom Island
Weathered in at Loupom island. The sea between here and Magaubo is rough and the next day I have to cross a massive distance to Lalaura, to avoid the Abau area (sea piracy zone). Planning to depart here early Sunday and hoping sea conditions ease for Monday. Sandy.
September 16, 2016 Loupom Island, (-10.324600 , +149.320510) 62km
  -16-09-2016:- Loupom Island
September 15, 2016 Bona Bona Island, (-10.509333 , +149.827767) 18km
  -15-09-2016:- Bona Bona Island
September 14, 2016 Taboina, (-10.576890 , +149.946120) 45km
  -14-09-2016:- Taboina
September 13, 2016 Baibesika Island, (-10.722020 , +150.296860) 44km
  -13-09-2016:- Baibesika Islland
September 12, 2016 Samarai Island, (-10.612433 , +150.660633) 38km
  -12-09-2016:- Samarai Island
Woke up at 2.30am, on the water at 4am in the dark, all so I could reach the China Strait with the tide pushing me to Samarai Island. The wind was tough and I ran a bit later than imagined but the strong southeasterly saved me on the final few kilometres. I found a room in Maggie's guest house. Interesting historical island. Will sleep a while then go explore. Sandy.
September 11, 2016 Dawa Dawa River, (-10.428160 , +150.497710) 19km
  -11-09-2016:- Dawa Dawa River
September 10, 2016 Alotau, (-10.319430 , +150.458910) 0km
  -10-09-2016:- Alotau
24 Aug - 10 Sept. I flew to Port Moresby and then the next day to Cairns in Australia. I was hosted by Tim Trehearn and his wife Mary-Frances in Cairns and sought medical evaluation and treatment in Australia, but mostly, just a lot of rest and recuperation. My parents came over to give support for a week and I let my body have the time needed to heal. On Sept 9 I am returning to PNG and hope to recommence the expedition on Sept 11 from Alotau.
August 23, 2016 Alotau, (-10.319430 , +150.458910) 0km
  -23-08-2016:- Alotau
19 Aug -23 Aug. I was planning to depart Alotau for Port Moresby on the 23rd of August, but on Sunday August 21st I started to feel extremely unwell and had all the symptoms of Malaria. On 22 Aug Malaria was diagnosed and I ended up in hospital overnight on a drip. It hit me hard. I had to take a couple of weeks off to recover from this tough tough illness. It is the first time I have ever had Malaria and I got the same strain that Oskar Speck battled throughout his voyage - a part of the journey I would rather not have re-enacted!
August 18, 2016 Alotau, (-10.319430 , +150.458910) 21km
  -18-08-2016:- Alotau
With a strong wind behind me it was a very easy paddle, blasted the final few kilometres to the capital of Milne Bay Province where my hosts, the Kassman's who run Eastern Protective Services (EPS), put on a grand Sing Sing welcome to Milne Bay. The sounds they made and the costumes were so different to the other provinces and the dancers were all splendid. I love to see this traditional side of PNG. It was such a lovely way to arrive and see Alotau. My support crew had become like a family and it was sad to part ways with the great team. They are really top notch teams from EPS.
August 17, 2016 Maiawa Isl, (-10.352810 , +150.642530) 45km
  -17-08-2016:- Maiawa Isl
East Cape is the eastern most point of the mainland of PNG. Once I rounded it, I was blasted by the strong SE wind. I had my sail up, and I was powering toward Alotau. The current in the channel on the Cape was so strong that I could not paddle against it, but close to shore was a reciprocal current and most small vessels use that way to get around. My team found us an ok camping site, we all wish we had stopped on the first island we came to with a lovely sandy point, but we made do with where we ended up and all helped to rig the tarp that would protect the guys overnight when it rained. I was safe in my tent.
August 16, 2016 Tawali Resort, (-10.267833 , +150.774650) 20km
  -16-08-2016:- Tawali Resort
It was very sweet to be hosted at Tawali, a gorgeous forest retreat style resort nestled in the hillside overlooking an expanse of stunning coral reef. We arrived around midday and after a chat to the gathered locals from the neighbouring village I was shown to my room and had a nice lunch. I enjoyed the view from the deck, lots of story sharing with the other guests and chilling out for half a day. Big thanks to Mark Watkins for hosting me in style.
August 15, 2016 Huhuna Mission-Kidaia Village, (-10.285400 , +150.612883) 30km
  -15-08-2016:- Huhuna Mission-Kidaia Village
Once again I hugged the shores all day to make progress into the wind. I would have loved to make it to Tawali today, but I just could not push out enough kilometres. The place where we camped was surrounded by mangroves, but surprisingly there was not really many mosquitoes. I was hosted in a new wooden house on the sea front that was a carpenters work in progress. My support crew camped underneath and made their cooking fire there in the shelter and out of the wind. There was a lot of friendly banter and stories around the cooking fire as they cooked up fish they had caught that day, a nice coral trout meal. I went to sleep early - feeling tired from the big day pushing head wind.
August 14, 2016 Taupota, (-10.213030 , +150.430570) 27km
  -14-08-2016:- Taupota
The wind came in early and made progress very slow today, but the coast was absolutely magical with many steep hillsides, waterfalls and little huts in crazy positions where i would have loved to stay for a week. I pushed on and on, escaping the lashing wind by hugging the shoreline. Eventually dark was coming and I landed in Taupota. This was different to other places I have been recently because there is a road there that comes from Alotau and there were cars passing through. A kind family offered to host me in their mother's house which was a mansion that she had spent a lot of her savings on when she retired from teaching. My security crew felt this was much safer for me to stay then camping out with them (because of the road). They slept on the beach near my kayak. The local ladies had all spent the day up in the mountains tending their gardens and harvesting produce to sell in the market at Dogura tomorrow. These people have amazing stamina to walk 2-3hrs up a mountain to their garden, garden for 2-3 hours and then trek back down again and prepare dinner. They said they like the simple village life rather than having to pay a lot of money to live in a city. They didn't mind the hard work trekking up to the gardens which are placed in soil that produces a high yield in their crops and has been traditionally farmed for generations. They said you can even discover relics of cannibalistic days up there in the mountains and of course lots of junk left from the WW2.
August 13, 2016 just past Lavora, (-10.132600 , +150.226960) 32km
  -13-08-2016:- just past Lavora
I had a fabulous day with first a visit to the Parascos family home where I had a great chat, tea and flour balls. Jonathon's grandmother told me about Samarai back tin the day when one of her relatives sewed sails on a singer sewing machine for the old sailing boats. After calling in to meet this lovely family, I went to Wedau and walked up the hill to have a tour of the Dogura Cathedral from the father. It is a shame that the place is very termite damaged so there are no longer even any pews any more. The Anglican church should put more money in to restore the historic buildings and preserve them. The old site of the first church was cool as one of the corner posts of the old building sprouted and became a tree again. On Speck's visit he took photos of Dogura cathedral when it was very new. After Dogura I continued around close to shore and found some lovely limestone coastline riddled with caves and nooks and crannies to explore near Lavora. Just past the village the dinghy operator knew of a cool spot to tie up and I was hosted there by a local lady called Rhona. She was doing life tough as a single mother, but was a very kind host. I tried to help with some first aid on a tropical ulcer that her son was suffering on his leg. Life can be very hard in PNG. Even finding money to go to a Dr or a medical centre can be a challenge for many people. They choose to suffer in silence.
August 12, 2016 Giriuna, (-10.080920 , +150.007810) 40km
  -12-08-2016:- Giriuna
I crossed over Goodenough Bay. The scene of the mountains all around is so breathtakingly gorgeous. It is just incredible, especially in the morning light. Big open water crossings are quite monotonous, it seemed to take forever to reach the bottom of those mountains on the other side of the bay. The dinghy operator explained that the beaches around here are not white sand, but quite rocky and dark volcanic soil. We camped on a narrow stretch of beach together and locals living nearby brought fresh food supplies for the boat crew. The crew had gone to the dinghy operators house during the day to pick up a generator and a strip light, so they rigged up a big light and they all charged their phones. I was feeling exhausted and went to bed early.
August 11, 2016 Baniara Island, (-09.770450 , +149.887517) 35km
  -11-08-2016:- Baniara Island
The wind was still quite strong in the morning, but I launched from the beach a little further away from the windy cape and plugged into the wind across the bay, after that it got easier as i could get inside the shelter of the fringing reef and out of the rough sea where the wind was whipping it up. I cut inside mangroves a little further on and once I got the wind behind me I was unstoppable. We made it all the way to Baniara which is one of the places where Oskar Speck landed and stopped overnight to shelter from crazy weather. There used to be a government station here until they decided to move it to Raba Raba across the bay. The locals told a story about Oskar Speck passed down through the generations but they had it quite wrong saying that there used to be 8 in the group, but the others were lost at sea or something and Speck arrived solo... it sounded like a fanciful story that locals made up to explain why this german fellow would arrive by himself. People in this part of the world just don't do things solo. We had a great time camping there. The boys in the support boat had sat on the cooking pot during the day in the dinghy and it had actually made a hole in the aluminium pot. I learned you can fix such holes using banana or coffee packet! SKILLS. We laughed a lot about crazy PNG fixing techniques. A lady there gave me fabulous home grown tomatoes. She had been unable to sell them in the market in the morning. I would make them last the next 3 or 4 days. I was so happy.
August 10, 2016 Boga Boga village, (-09.630030 , +150.012510) 0km
  -10-08-2016:- Boga Boga village
Weathered in at Boga Boga. The wind felt like about 30knots all day and the sea was really crazy so i took a rest day. I wasn't feeling great so i actually did sleep a large portion of the day and enjoyed being lazy.
August 9, 2016 Boga Boga village, (-09.630030 , +150.012510) 20km
  -09-08-2016:- Boga Boga village
It was recommended to me by my friends Julia Summerling and Craig DeWit to stay in this village as they go their with visitors on Dive trips. It was certainly a fabulous place to stay. The village has a tour guide who showed me all around and even to her house and garden. I had dinner with her family and some village elders. I was hosted by a family living down on the beach. I think it has to be one of the windiest places in PNG on that point. There is a rocky cliff on the point and jutting out off the headland where there ought to be a cafe overlooking the sea, is actually a loo with a view. You poo directly into the waters below and fish swirl in to see what's on offer. I told the locals that next time I come there I don't want to see plastic in the sea and I would like to slowly sip goroka coffee up there in a cafe on the hill!
August 8, 2016 Mangrove fisherman camp, (-09.622510 , +149.851100) 20km
  -08-08-2016:- Mangrove fisherman camp
August 7, 2016 Coconut grove campsite, (-09.602670 , +149.699330) 33km
  -07-08-2016:- Coconut grove campsite
August 6, 2016 Kewansasap Village, (-09.566350 , +149.416367) 28km
  -06-08-2016:- Kewansasap Village
I am on my last day in Oro province and cross to Milne bay tomorrow. Today I followed the coast around from Uiaku until the wind got too strong. Now I will begin early morning starts to paddle in the calm part of the day.
August 5, 2016 Uiaku guest house, (-09.454517 , +149.202600) 36km
  -05-08-2016:- Uiaku guest house
Raining a lot now. Coming in through the surf in the river mouth was exciting. Tomlin escorted me from Awanen in his canoe.
August 4, 2016 Awanen Guest house, (-09.164550 , +149.260567) 19km
  -04-08-2016:- Awanen Guest house