VSKC Expedition Viewer - Sandy Robson - Stage 4 & 5
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Team Leader: Sandy Robson
Location: Germany to Australia Stage 4 & 5
Start Date: 05 November 2014
Grade: 0
Map Centre : -5, 146
Zoom Level: 7
Inset Map: Set
Connector Lines: No
Expedition Description
Sandy Robson (WA) paddles West Bengal, Bangladesh and beyond. Follow her progress all the way to the finish line in Australia. This is stage 4 and 5 of the journey.
Expedition Members
No Members, Just Sandy
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Expedition Stats...
Total Distance: 10632 km
Paddling Legs: 335
Average/Day: 31.74 km/day
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Leg Details
June 24, 2016 Madang, (-05.207920 , +145.811140) 0km
  -24-06-2016:- Madang
June 22, 2016 Madang, (-05.207920 , +145.811140) 0km
  -22-06-2016:- Madang
June 21, 2016 Jais Aben Resort, (-05.155400 , +145.802220) 0km
  -21-06-2016:- Jais Aben Resort
June 20, 2016 Vidari Island, (-04.825320 , +145.778050) 0km
  -20-06-2016:- Vidari Island
The crowd at my intended landing was too intense - I had imagined Kubugam as a sleepy little place! Not. So I was glad when the nice kayaking policeman Adam allowed me and my Tupira Surf Club support team to camp on nearby Vidari island. The boys caught a trevally today and I enjoyed seeing how they use natural materials to smoke it. Delicious!!! I am feeling happy on this island.
June 19, 2016 Dibar Beach, (-04.674410 , +145.596730) 32km
  -19-06-2016:- Dibar Beach
The village was a way in through the jungle so I camped on the beach with the Tupira support Crew.
June 18, 2016 Tupira Surf Club, (-04.490950 , +145.428440) 0km
  -18-06-2016:- Tupira Surf Club in Ulingan Bay
Rest day
June 17, 2016 Tupira Surf Club, (-04.490950 , +145.428440) 32km
  -17-06-2016:- Tupira Surf Club in Ulingan Bay
I was woken up at 4.30am when another car load of people from Bogia arrived. A child burst into the room and stared at me through my tent mesh. I was unimpressed. It turned out to be my hosts daughter who had been brought in from where she goes to school. The Tupira boat met me at the beach at 6.30am and I was excited to be on my way to Ulingan Bay. Along the route many crowds gathered at villages to wave to me. Some places people came out in canoes to shake my hand and lots of people swum out and made handshake lines at sea, treading water and shaking my hand as I paddled by. Some people in canoes capsized and at least one mobile phone got drowned (sorry!). The Tupira guys joined me on the water by SUP and paddling on a surf rescue board, then arriving to Tupira Surf Club a corridor of surfers was in the sea, each with wreaths of flowers on their heads. At the beach I was dressed in a colourful grass skirt and a crown and given a cold coconut to refresh me. Then there was a procession to the club house where flowers were thrown before me. I was adorned with many gifts, shook hands of the school children and felt like a princess. This is such a special place to remember on my journey.
June 16, 2016 Daigul, (-04.396400 , +145.208900) 32km
  -16-06-2016:- Daigul
Lots of people gathered at Bogia to see me off and Derek (my hosts son) and 3 other guys crewed the Bogia support boat. Paul Akuram was there too - he had donated the fuel and wanted to follow us around the coast a bit to get photos. After giving Ruth a big hug I was on my way to Daigul. The Tupira surf club boat came out and met us along the way too, keen to ensure everything was ok. I was paddling strongly after the rest day, but still the cold that I had was hanging around, so I was glad to reach Daigul early and was hoping to get some rest in the afternoon. The wind was strong by midday, so starting early had been good. A huge crowd was on the beach to meet me. Rachael from Tupira presented me with a wreath of frangipani on my head and flowers were thrown over me. Then the guys helped me get my kayak up to Grace's home where I was hosted overnight. It was hard to get rest because many crowds kept coming to look at me, lots of people came from around Bogia. I was exhausted. Some of the locals helped me maintain my sense of humour, telling me to pull out my cassowary bone when the next lot arrives. They call it bun muruk. We laughed about it a lot. Thanks for the place to stay n delicious food xxx
June 15, 2016 Bogia, (-04.272720 , +144.973590) 0km
  -15-06-2016:- Bogia
Rest day. I have a bit of a cold and have been pushing my body hard in the last few days, so a rest day is just what I needed. Relaxing and catching up on my emails at Ruth's place. I've started looking for my next support boat from Madang to Lae.
June 14, 2016 Bogia, (-04.272720 , +144.973590) 22km
  -14-06-2016:- Bogia
The wind was forecast to come in very strong in the afternoon so I was up early and paddled around to Bogia by 1.30pm. Peter from Awar provided the escort boat and we stopped along the way at Malagere Island for a break and a leg stretch. All around the shores villagers came out and waved to wish me well. At Bogia I was welcomed to the home of a local woman Ruth. She works as a health administrator with the local government. Ruth's home is right on the sea shore near the hospital. The 20knot wind cranked in through the louvre windows in the afternoon and I was glad to be resting inside and off the crazy seas for a break. Big thanks to Nicholas Kirriwom for introducing me to these lovely people at Awar and Bogia and along this stretch of coast.
June 13, 2016 Awar_, (-04.144320 , +144.842470) 24km
  -13-06-2016:- Awar
Today I said goodbye to Uncle Raphael Kiap and his support boat crew. He had to get home urgently. Teddy at Kiang kindly gave a boat to escort me to Awar and Raphael gave him the fuel. Teddy's crew were young and swift enough to get out and sprint along the beach mid-trip, scale coconut palm, obtain a dozen coconuts, husk them, sprint on the beach more, and then rejoin the support boat to offer me fresh coconut water. After that it was cut and the coconut cut so I could munch on the flesh while paddling. Peter from Awar met us just off Condor point and I waved goodbye to the Kiang boys and continued with Peter's crew alongside. They blew the conch shell from Condor Point all the way across Hansa Bay to the Awar River mouth and people ran around the Hansa bay shores to welcome me. I wasn't prepared at all for the arrival reception, ladies screaming, people splashing water about me, flowers, flower petals and fruit were thrown...the crowd swarmed me from all around as I sat in my kayak in the river. People grabbed me, pulling me this way n that, it took a while to figure out they wanted my hat off to wreath my head. It was a frenzy of people. After landing some semblance of order was established and the sing sing group lead the procession into the Chiefs area of the village. Then they sung another song and we got photos. I was buzzing at what just happened. Peter's sister later helped organise me a room in the chiefs house so I could rest after a lunch from the lovely hosts. It was a very special day. In the afternoon I talked to the villagers about my journey and showed them some pictures from places I have paddled. Awar is a very special village indeed. I am glad the wind came up strong to make me stop there.
June 12, 2016 Kiang, (-04.051190 , +144.728200) 35km
  -12-06-2016:- Kiang
Today was super tough as the current was strong against me most of the day. I landed at Bot bot beach after 10hrs and then got transferred by boat to Kiang as we used a local man to show us how to get in here. Life in these lakes and inlets is lovely to see. Pity about the evening insane mosquito onslaught! Thanks to Peter Passum for letting me stay at his Kiang home. The shower and toilet was luxury!
June 11, 2016 Kopar village, (-03.859617 , +144.527483) 38km
  -11-06-2016:- Kopar village, Sepik river
The tide and Sepik current made the day a hard paddle and I could not make it to Watam but I met a great family at Kopar and put my tent up in their riverside kitchen. They have some crazy looking giant jungle pigeons here! Raphn and the boat crew are looking after me well. It is safe and friendly in the Sepik.
June 10, 2016 Darapap, (-03.784880 , +144.266080) 42km
  -10-06-2016:- Darapap
Going to stay a night on the Murik lakes was something special. These people live in the mangrove area and eat sago and fish. The ground is too salty to grow veg or fruit so they barter for them. I was hosted by Winnie and Loddy. Winnie took me out in her canoe.
June 9, 2016 Samap, (-03.735367 , +143.931450) 43km
  -09-06-2016:- Samap
After a warm send off from Wewak I had a great downwind run to get to Samap at 3.30pm. It poured with rain in the afternoon. Cape Terebu was lovely rock gardens and waterfalls. Friendly Samap locals gave me a room. Really sweet people.
June 5, 2016 Wewak, (-03.548650 , +143.629780) 0km
  -05-06-2016:- Wewak
June 4, 2016 Spotted, (-03.406520 , +143.485110) 0km
  -04-06-2016:- Spotted
June 3, 2016 Sowam, (-03.355960 , +143.120070) 0km
  -03-06-2016:- Sowam
June 2, 2016 Ulau 1 village, (-03.299440 , +142.778530) 0km
  -02-06-2016:- Ulau 1 village
Awesome day
May 28, 2016 Ali Island, (-03.128880 , +142.469420) 0km
  -28-05-2016:- Ali Island
I took a day off at Ali Island and went in on a boat to Aitape to do shopping. I planned my onward journey for the next day. To be continued
May 27, 2016 Ali Island, (-03.128880 , +142.469420) 9km
  -27-05-2016:- Ali Island
I slept too late to get a cheap boat ride to Aitape for shopping so I launched for nearby Ali where I heard there were friendly people speaking English and a guesthouse. On arrival I found the guesthouse still under construction and expensive. The locals listened to my stories and offered for me to stay in the Catholic Church house there. It was so good to find kind hearts to help me plan a safe way forward and give good local advice. I thanked the world for bringing me to these kind people, Thaddeus the headmaster, his daughter, teacher Norah and village leader Robert. They gave me good guidance and support.
May 26, 2016 Tumleo, (-03.125320 , +142.398990) 59km
  -26-05-2016:- Tumleo
In the morning a huge crowd gathered and the village record keeper asked lots of questions. Chris produced the newspaper with me on the front cover from Monday and everyone looked at it as I packed and ate breakfast. Sera locals expertly got me launched. I was intending to go to Sissano but that changed when Sissano men chased me in canoes, grabbed me so I could not get away and harassed and scared me. They wanted me to land and I think they wanted to steal my stuff. They asked if I would give them my kayak. After some time of not giving in to their demands they let me go and I begged a passing speed boat to shadow me a while and said I was terrified. I passed Sissano Lagoon entry after the speed boat left and decided to keep going to Tumleo. Then men on a speed boat came out from Sissano and harassed me further, almost breaking my sail and grabbing my boat again. After they let me go from their fun harassing me and making me beg to be allowed to go, I called my friend Thecla for help. She sent a support boat from Aitape with a magistrate, Malcolm, onboard. They accompanied me from 3.30pm til 7pm and then had to go because they had no boat lights. I continued paddling a further 4 hours in the dark on a scary coast. The Tumleo island locals awaited my safe arrival and Jack gave me safety in his home overnight. I was feeling good to reach safe harbour.
May 25, 2016 Sera_, (-02.969990 , +141.922350) 38km
  -25-05-2016:- Sera
I woke up in the early hours with a grumbling stomach and nausea and proceeded to get up and vomit my dinner off the verandah into the sand. Katherine later said maybe her coconut milk with tin fish that I added to my dehy meal must be the cause. Maybe not fresh. I liked how my body got rid of it and then I was ok again. In the morning the boys shoved me out through the shore dump and I had a long paddle to Sera. It was cooler weather and light winds. At Sera once again locals grabbed the kayak to help me land in big waves and then I put up my tent in a building under construction near Chris's house. They gave me hot water to make my dehydrated dinner and for coffee. I went to sleep early. I am surprised how rustic life is in png villages. No toilets or showers found so far! Washing is with a bucket and sometimes a crowd so I use my sarong around me. Toilet is the beach or the bush. I am missing the Indonesian mandi now.
May 24, 2016 Leitre, (-02.835540 , +141.635640) 25km
  -24-05-2016:- Leitre
The people in Ningera helped me launch my kayak down the steep river bank and it was exciting exiting the river mouth where I took one big wave right over my head, but I was able to push through and get out as Abraham and his boys watched from the speed boat nearby. Then it was a slog against the currents again to reach Leitre. A young guy on a dugout outrigger canoe showed me a good place to land through the waves and people grabbed the kayak as I screamed in on a small wave. Timing is everything as there are some big sets. I was feeling exhausted so they found me a host quickly, showed me the water pump where I could get a fresh water wash and then I crashed in Katherine's house for a hour or too of snooze. In the late afternoon I could not resist jumping back in for a body surf with local kids - all the boys had hand made wood surf boards of various size and unusual shape. They were talented on those splintery pieces of wood. Most of them were naked too, so I was laughing at the bums coming up as they ducked through the waves. It is such a lovely friendly and warm village. In the evening kids gathered to hear some stories and a Q and A session led by Justin. I was left wishing to come back to this village one day.
May 23, 2016 Ningera, (-02.741320 , +141.441850) 25km
  -23-05-2016:- Ningera
There was a great send off from Vanimo village, they even sung a song for me. Then a tough paddle against the current. The place I landed is at the mouth of a river and up a steep eroded bank. Abraham is my host. We shared rice and veg for dinner and I contributed some dehydrated roo bolognaise. Mmmm good. They showed me the school here too, donated by Australia. It is nice. Hoping to get to Lietre tomorrow.
May 22, 2016 Vanimo village, (-02.661210 , +141.277210) 0km
  -22-05-2016:- Vanimo village
Settling into PNG, media interviews, shopping and planning the next 2 weeks to Wewak.
May 19, 2016 Vanimo village, (-02.661210 , +141.277210) 50km
  -19-05-2016:- Vanimo village
I departed at 5am, passing by sleeping Indonesian fishermen on the rocky cliff ledges. It was slow going against currents and winds. I crossed the border into PNG. I was met in the afternoon by a boatload of Vanimo locals come to check on me. I landed in Vanimo port on dusk for passport stamping at the beach. Then it was a short crossing back to Steve's place at Vanimo village to stay. A long day ending in paradise. A thatched home on the waterfront and fish for dinner. welcomed to PNG.
May 18, 2016 Sungai Tami, (-02.621960 , +140.922200) 26km
  -18-05-2016:- Sungai Tami
I am still on the Indonesian side. 8km to the border and 45km to Vanimo port. It was slow in the wind today. Shall begin earlier tomorrow.
May 15, 2016 Jayapura, (-02.535720 , +140.712550) 0km
  -15-05-2016:- Jayapura
There is a lot to do to cross a border by kayak. I got my visa for PNG and then I had to go to the Indonesian immigration office to arrange being stamped out so I can clear out of the port with my kayak via immigration and customs. My sponsor Pak Budi found me a local contact in the district navigation office to accompany me to immigration. I found out Monday is a public holiday, so I will have to be stamped out on Tuesday and will depart Jayapura early on Wednesday for the two day paddle to Vanimo. Meanwhile I am doing a lot of planning for getting cleared in to PNG at Vanimo and preparing route plans for the next section. Australian paddler Mr Dave Winkworth will hopefully be joining me in Wewak or Madang, depending on how long it takes to process his visa. The immigration department in PNG have been very kind in consenting to renewing my visa in country so that I will be able to complete the expedition around their coast over the next 4-5 months. I really have appreciated everyone's help to make this happen.
May 11, 2016 Jayapura, (-02.535720 , +140.712550) 0km
  -11-05-2016:- Jayapura
My SKOCI (sea kayak owners club of Indonesia) buddies found me a local host in Jayapura and Ms Hana came to meet me at the hotel in the morning. She helped relocate me to a room in the office of some medical researchers and doctors up near the hospital. It was very kind of them to host me and even offer me a laptop for my planning. In the afternoon I got my application in to the PNG Consulate for my visa to enter PNG. Big thanks to Dr Bachti of SKOCI for the hosts.