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Team Leader: Freya Hoffmeister
Location: Queenscliff to Queenscliff
Start Date: 18 January 2009
Grade: 0
Map Centre : -38.065392, +144.272461
Zoom Level: 5
Inset Map: Set
Connector Lines: No
Expedition Description
An anti-clockwise circumnavigation of mainland Australia, without following ground crew, expected to take a little under a year. Freya is aiming to be the second sea kayaker after Paul Caffyn in 1981/2 to accomplish this.
Expedition Members
No Members, Just Freya
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Expedition Stats...
Total Distance: 13714 km
Paddling Legs: 244
Average/Day: 56.20 km/day
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Paddling Distances Over The Last 14 Legs...
Leg Details
December-15-09 Queenscliff, (-38.270000 , +144.662000) 45km
  15 December 2009 Queenscliff
7.30 am (was 6.00 but went back for mobile phone) to 12.40 pm. Job done
December-14-09 Point Addis, (-38.391626 , +144.253063) 70km
  14 December 2009 Point Addis
6.30 to 20 Beautiful day with lots of "office work" on the water
December-13-09 Apollo Bay, (-38.757698 , +143.671989) 70km
  13-12-2009 Apollo Bay
Past the last Cape to Apollo Bay
December-12-09 Port Campbell, (-38.619687 , +142.992554) 70km
  12-12-2009 Port Campbell
5:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.
December-10-09 Port Fairy , (-38.389303 , +142.246170) 75km
  10 December 2009 Port Fairy
38.23 142.13 Port Fairy 5.30am to 7:00pm 75 km Same ride as yesterday...rough and wet, but nicely pushing!.
December-09-09 Cape Bridgewater , (-38.366700 , +141.400000) 65km
  09 December 2009 Cape Bridgewater
38.22 141.24 Cape Bridgewater 65 km 5:00am to 4:30pm Rough paddle in moderate to strong following wind. Glad to arrived in the sheltered Bridgewater Bay.
December-08-09 Brown Bay, (-38.050000 , +140.866700) 50km
  08 December 2009 Brown Bay
38.03 140.52 Brown Bay 7:00am to 3:00pm 50 km Holla, what a ride! Yes, it was strong northwest following wind forecasted, 20-25 kn, but I felt I could handle it and I wanted to go. Plenty of reef sheltered beaches until Port McDonnel to be able to pull out, just in case, but I just had to steer and balance a bit (well, sometimes a bit more...) and to let go with the wind. Around the corner of Port McDonnel the NW wind blew offshore and the water got calm. Landing on Brown Bay in the shelter of a reef of Green Point was easy then!
December-07-09 Carpenter Rocks, (-37.900000 , +140.383300) 60km
  07 December 2009 Carpenter Rocks
37.54 140.23 Carpenter Rocks 60 km 8:00am to 8.30pm I didn't want to go first, as the wind was strong with a front and a dark sky was coming through in the morning. But it was supposed to ease a bit, and the wind to shift a bit to the WSW, almost pushing...and so it was. Ugly slog in the morning, almost a nice day with moderate headwinds the afternoon. The empty boat helps!
December-06-09 Beachport, (-37.483300 , +140.000000) 75km
  06 December 2009 Beachport
37.29 140.00 Beachport 75 km 5:00am to 8:30pm Mostly calm day besides the last three hours of moderate headwinds. After Robe big swell was breaking on the reefs - stay away! After Nora Creina I paddled about 10 km inside the reef, until it was unprotected again.
December-05-09 Cape Jaffa, (-36.933300 , +139.666700) 65km
  05 December 2009 Cape Jaffa
36.56 139.40 Cape Jaffa 65 km 5:00am to 5:00pm Launching easy through low, but wide surf. Crossed straight over the Bay to Cape Jaffa, where Greg was waiting in the dunes. Landing dead calm. Coorong done!
December-04-09 Coorong Beach, (-36.350000 , +139.716700) 70km
  04 December 2009 Coorong Beach
36.21 139.43 Coorong Beach, 32 miles crossing level 70 km 5:00am to 5:00pm Launching was wet, but all right. Glad the swell is lowish with around 2 m only. The about eight breaker lines are not as trashy as they probably can be. The days paddle started with a bit of dark sky and rain, but became a nice day later. Landing all right again, two wet broaches only. God, it could be worse!
December-03-09 Coorong Beach, Needles Island , (-35.905737 , +139.390411) 70km
  03 December 2009 Coorong Beach, Needles Island
35.51 139.19 Coorong Beach, Needles Island level 70 km 6:00am to 7:00pm I had an escort of two local paddlers out of Port Elliott for an hour, then on my own again. Quite boring paddle way offshore, nearing eventually the threatening surflanding. But Greg was able to drive on the beach, easing my mind via VHF radio he has seen me landing in bigger and more messy surf, and so it was. It went actually well with three wet broaches, but no capsize. Glad to be safe on the beach!
December-02-09 Port Elliot, (-35.533300 , +138.700000) 80km
  02 December 2009 Port Elliot
Port Elliot 5:00am to 7:30pm. Channel 7 TV news was there and I had some local paddlers escorting me in. Im tired to death - too much paddling and not enough sleep. I will update tomorrow.
December-01-09 Cape Jervis, (-35.600000 , +138.010000) 70km
  01 December 2009 Cape Jervis
Cape Jervis. 6:00am to 11:00pm, 70 km. Headwinds, headwinds, headwindsneed to sleep.
November-30-09 Dashwood Bay, (-35.583300 , +137.383300) 55km
  30 November 2009 Dashwood Bay
35.35 137.23, Dashwood Bay. 55 km, 6:30am to 8:30pm There was everything between 10 and 20 knot headwinds all day. No swell on the sheltered north side of the island.
November-27-09 Cable Beach, (-35.283300 , +136.883300) 45km
  27 November 2009 Cable Beach
35.17 136.53 Cable Beach 45 km 5.30am to 12.30pm. I got up very early and paddled like hell to avoid the forecasted upcoming very strong following winds. Light northerlies until 8am, then slowly increasing following westerlies. But they were only up to 20 kn and with low swell, this was just nice! No breakers, no tidal movments in these days. Easy going. I landed safely in the first calm bay around Cape Spencer, Cable Beach.
November-26-09 Wedge Island, (-35.133300 , +136.450000) 50km
  26 November 2009 Wedge Island
35.08 136.27, Wedge Island. 50 km, 6:30am to 4:00pm. Eventually a calm easy day. The calm before the storm? Very strong westerlies tomorrow.
November-25-09 Williams Island, (-35.016700 , +135.966700) 30km
  25 November 2009 Williams Island
35.01 135.58, Williams Island. 30 km, 7.30am to 4:00pm Im so sick of these headwinds everyday15 to 20 knots again. Enough for today. Wedge Island, Althorp Island next. Three fishing boats anchoring in my bay, cant swim naked! .
November-24-09 Fishery Bay, (-34.900000 , +135.666700) 50km
  24 November 2009 Fishery Bay
34.54 135.40, Fishery Bay. 50 km, 6:30am to 6:00pm. The usual increasing headwind, 32 windmills on cliff edge, scary reef gaps on headlands, surfers in bay.
November-23-09 Point Avoid, Gunyah Beach, (-34.683300 , +135.333300) 25km
  23 November 2009 Point Avoid, Gunyah Beach
34.41 135.20, Point Avoid, Gunyah Beach. 25 km 8:30am to 2:30pm.
November-22-09 Misery Bay, (-34.550000 , +135.200000) 35km
  22 November 2009 Misery Bay
34.33 135.12 Misery Bay. 35 km 6:00am to 3:30pm. I should have rather stayed dry than taking 7.5 hrs for ridiculous 25 km into Avoid Bay/ Misery Bay. It really needs a certain amount of stubbornness, stupidness, stamina, strengh and skills to paddle into 15 knot (1hr in the morning) to 20-25 kn headwinds.
November-21-09 Point Sir Isaac, (-34.433300 , +135.200000) 65km
  21 November 2009 Point Sir Isaac
34.26 135.12 Point Sir Isaac 65 km 6:30am to 8:30pm gradually increasing headwind from 0 kn to 20 kn the last thre hours...not much fun on boring open water with a bloody heavy boat. The only highlight were 20 dolphins escorting me for five minutes. I could get 12 litres more water from Elliston in bottels/one way bladder, so no worries about fresh water. Thanks for any help offer!
November-20-09 Sheringa Beach, (-33.866700 , +135.166700) 40km
  20 November 2009 Sheringa Beach
33.52 135.10 Sheringa Beach 40km 8:30am to 3:30pm Fat thunder and lightning early morning, now again. Beautiful paddle along cliffs. No BIG WHITE.
November-19-09 Elliston, (-33.633300 , +134.883300) 50km
  19 November 2009 Elliston
33.38 134.53 Elliston 6.30am to 4.30pm 50 km Had a crappy start from that beach, surf lifted over night unexpectedly to heavy dumping lines. I had to bail out and swimsecond try all right. The days paddle was a pleasure. 15-25 kn following winds, for the change! No sharks, but plenty of dolphins again.div>
November-18-09 Rincon Beach, (-33.250000 , +134.683300) 60km
  18 November 2009 Rincon Beach
33.15 134.41 Rincon Beach 60 km 7:00am to 7:30pm across Searcy Bay 10kn headwinds and 100 dolphins around me. From Point Labatt to Cape Radstock 25kn headwind, gusting 35 kn and more. Very funny. To Venus Bay easy going no wind, later even following. Somehow nice to camp on a remote beach, but missing my partner, too. Heavy boat again!!!.
November-17-09 Slade Point , (-33.033300 , +134.166700) 50km
  17 November 2009 Slade Point
33.02 134.10, Slade Point 6:30am to 5:30pm 50 km. A fight all day into a bloody 15 to 20 knot headwind. I landed in beautiful bay. Greg is off tomorrow. Ill have a heavy boat again.
November-16-09 Cape Bauer , (-32.700000 , +134.083300) 30km
  16 November 2009 Cape Bauer
32.42 134.05 Cape Bauer 30 km 6:30am to 12:30pm.
November-15-09 Edward Bay, (-32.516700 , +133.850000) 60km
  15 November 2009 Edward Bay
32.31 133.51 Edward Bay 60 km 5.30am to 1:00pm.
November-14-09 Point James, (-32.166700 , +132.433300) 25km
  14November 2009 Point James
32.10 132.26 Point James 25 km 5.30am to 10:00am
November-13-09 Point Bell, (-32.166700 , +133.133300) 75km
  13 November 2009 Point Bell
32.10 133.08 Point Bell. 75 km, 6:00am to 5:00pm A boring open water crossing, calm first, some headwinds later. Quite hot again.